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"Yan exceeded my expectations !!! I was very lucky to have her as my makeup and hair stylist for my wedding. From the trial to the actual wedding, Yan was very patient and helpful, She took the time to learn what exactly i was looking for. She was very knowledgeable on what colors would go well with your skin tone etc, and provided a lot of advices which helped me alot throughout the whole process. On the actual wedding date she was on time, did hair and makeup within stated timeline, most importantly her make up stayed throughout the whole day! I didn't need to do much touch up (and it was a super hot day!). The products that she used are great and her makeup and hairstyling skills are very good as well. I wanted more of a natural look for my wedding and Yan did exactly what i wanted. Overall i had a pleasant experience with Yan - she is very professional and a very skillful makeup/ hair artist. I would totally recommend!"

- Patricia Man, Bride

"Yan is the best! She did the makeup for my friend and then I requested her for my own wedding. She has a very happy and bright personality and always tries her very best to accommodate all needs. She is also very meticulous about cleanliness and is very detail oriented with hair and makeup! Highly recommend!"

- Emily Zhan, Bride

"Yan is THE hair and make up artist to go to if you're looking for someone who's precise and attentive. She's done a superb job on my wedding day, I received so many compliments. I went to her trial not knowing what to expect, but she really took her time to examine what type of make up/colours suit me the best, and was observant of the styles I suggested as well. After the trial, I listed a few areas I want her to fix on - she took them into consideration immediately and was totally fuss-free about it! The whole process went very smoothly. She arrived to my door early on the wedding day, set up quickly and was ready to begin. She made my skin look glowing and natural - just the way I wanted. The make up and hair stayed secure all night. Thanks so much Yan! Hope to work with you again in the future :)"

- Jenna Lee, Bride

"Definitely worth for the time I spent on trial. It turn out much nicer on my wedding day because of that. At the end of day, I still looks like I just did my make up and still looks like myself. My bridesmaids and I love Yan's skill. All of us were so satisfied and happy. Thank you."

- Felicia Chen, Bride

"Yan was absolutely wonderful and respectful of any feedback any comments I had on the look I wanted for my big day. Everyone loved how natural yet glamorous the makeup had looked. It was also so long lasting that I didn't need to waste time worrying about touch ups throughout the day. <3"

- Edith Li, Bride

"I can't thank Yan enough for the wonderful bridal make-up and hair. We had our wedding on October 7th. I was looking for natural make up that would make your skin glow that lasted all day. Yan was very detail oriented and spent lots of time ensuring everything was perfect. I was very happy with the final look. Our hair stylist was equally talented. My bridesmaids all chose different hairstyles and she was able to replicate the pictures."

- Monica Zhang, Bride

"Yan exceeded my expectations in every way and went far and beyond imaginable. She is a wonderful makeup artist, who is understanding, kind, patient and professional. She worked with me to find the perfect look for my special day. I have to say it was a great decision I had made. She did my mother's, sister's and my makeup & hair styling. All of the makeup & hair styling looked awesome. I got the airbrush makeup and my face looked flawless! It lasted all day and all night! Thank you! Yan!"

- Ashley Pak, Bride

"I went with Yan for my Sept 2017 wedding and could not recommend her and her services enough. I do not normally apply any makeup; only moisturizer and sunscreen, and in addition, I have an allergy to lip products. However, Yan was SO helpful with answering all my questions in a timely manner. My trial with her went smoothly, and she absolutely nailed the look I was aiming for. During the trial, she was even kind enough to do my look with extensions, which I did not have any prior experience with. On the day of, she and her team arrived promptly at the specified location. They were all courteous and very fun to have around, which I think is essential when you're working with them for such a long time period. All of them were great, and we were on schedule as planned. Overall, 10/10 would recommend Yan's Powder Room!"

- Aimee Chan, Bride

"Yan did an amazing job on my hair and make up for my wedding day. My hair stayed put despite strong winds and my make up did not smudge despite sweating while taking photos by the lake in the afternoon. My make up still looked fresh with very minimal touch ups in the evening during the reception. My husband loved how natural and fresh faced I looked. I was afraid of not looking like myself since I normally don't wear a lot of make up, but Yan managed to create very natural looking make up and covered my imperfections which made my skin look bright and flawless. Her techniques were extremely professional and it was obvious that she was experienced and knowledgeable in her field. Her assistant who did my sister's hair and make up was also extremely professional and they worked so well as a team. Yan was so pleasant and easy going, very accommodating and instantly knew how to put me at ease. I highly highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a hair and make up specialist for their wedding. I have already been recommending her to friends who have weddings coming up. Thank you so much for your work and helping me feel beautiful on my wedding day Yan! I've already seen a few previews of wedding pictures and my hair and make up look perfect! Thanks so much and I will continue to pass your name along!"

- Ann Chung, Bride

"Yan is very professional, friendly and patient when I first met at our makeup and hair trail. I wanted a very natural makeup look but at the same time I wanted a look that would be photogenic and would enhance my features. She knew exactly what I wanted and I was very pleased with the end results. I would definitely recommend her to be your makeup artist for your big day! Thanks, Yan!"

- Jacqueline Mak, Bride

"Yan Jin has done a wonderfull job on me. She found the perfect tone for my black skin and also did extra work for my mother in law even if it was not plan. I felt wonderfull and the day started perfectly. She was on time and did everything in time. She travelled to Kitchener for the trial and the wedding. She also have a lovely mind. I fully recommend her!!"

- Dee Meilo, Bride

"Yan was a pleasure to work with - always professional, punctual and offered great tips in helping me choose the right look for my special day. For brides looking to enhance their features with a modern, clean and classic look, Yan is the make-up artist for you. I, personally, prefer a nice natural glow focusing on great skin, a subtle eye and lip and that was exactly what I got on my special day. Yan had to work with my fusion extensions too for the day, and did a great job in creating the shiny, cascading curls I required for my day. She's super easy to get along with and amendable to adjustments. Highly recommend!!"

- Paige Rebeiro, Bride

"I am very happy that I went with Yan for my hair and makeup for the big day. She's very professional, talented, and experienced. I highly recommend her! Yan also did my mom's makeup. She made my mom look very natural and elegant."

- Ivy Yu, Bride

"Yan, thank you so much for a great makeover on my special day! I got a lot of compliments on my makeup and hair, and it lasted the whole day without much touch-up needed. Your hands are so magical and gentle. Thanks again for your great help!"

- Helen Kam, Bride

"We had our wedding on May, and Yan made me feel relived from all the stress that I had to find the perfect makeup artist. I wanted a natural and long-lasting makeup and she did it perfectly. She always listened to what I wanted which made me feel very comfortable for the whole wedding preparation time and also wedding day. Thank you, Yan."

- Daeun Lee, Bride

"I'm so glad that I chose Yan Jin! She did an amazing job with my bridal hair and make up. My wedding was a bit rushed to say the least so I skipped the trial make-up and hair session all together(very risky and bold decision). I was worried about my relatively short hair and expressed my concern and she was very kind enough to ask me to send her a picture of my hair so she could give me a free consultation. On the day of my wedding, she arrived on time despite the unfavourable weather condition (it was absolutely pouring outside). She was pleasant and professional. She listened to what I wanted and also gave me some good feedbacks on what looks will suit me the best. The result was incredible! I chose to go with natural looks and she covered all my imperfections and made me look so beautiful! I received so many compliments. We had 4 hours of pre-wedding photography session, followed by wedding ceremony and reception all on the same day. I was amazed to see how the make-up and hair stayed on almost perfectly all day, provided that I was outside in heavy rain and wind for hours for our pre-wedding photo session. I am so happy I found Yan. Thank you Yan for making me a beautiful bride and making sure that the magic lasts until the end of the day!!! :)"

- Alice Jeong, Bride

"Yan provided hair and makeup services for my wedding. She did my bridal hair and makeup and she and her two assistants provided hair and makeup for my six bridesmaids. The results were incredible! I was over the moon with the beautiful work they did. I looked and felt exactly how I dreamed I would on my wedding day!"

- Holly Starkes, Bride

"She's absolutely fantastic - incredibly knowledgeable on what type/brand/colour of product that's suitable for you and your skintone, and she's got an incredible artistic sense. As a vendor, she was punctual and responsive - definitely a stress free vendor. I had my 2 trials (for different looks) and my wedding with her. I liked her so much that I took a private make-up lesson with her. It was awesome. Fantastic job well done."

- Wendy Lei, Bride

"I hired Yan Jin for my wedding, from the trial (which I highly recommend you do) to the day of, she was professional and very pleasant. She also did the makeup for my bridesmaids and it was a BEAUTIFUL job, she was also quick because, as you know every minute counts on your wedding day. We all looked outstanding and my girls glowed! The technique she uses is feather light, I didn't feel or look like my makeup was cakey or over the top. My makeup was just perfect and gave enough punch to match my wedding."

- Tuyen Nguyen, Bride

"Yan did such a wonderful job with my natural looking bridal makeup and hair. I hardly wear makeup for my everyday life and I certainly didn't want anything too heavy and too bold that will make me feel uncomfortable with my own look on my wedding day. I didn't really know what I wanted for my makeup and hair but from few pictures I gathered and showed her she quickly understood what would fit with me and offered good suggestions. It was a bit windy on my wedding day but my hair still stayed perfect and my makeup lasted all day until the end and I never had to do any touch up. Even though my makeup felt very light she covered all my imperfections so well. I received so many compliments how natural and beautiful I looked. Thank you Yan!"

- Gee Yee Park, Bride

"Yan did an amazing job with my hair and makeup. She was professional from the beginning and was quick to respond to all of my emails and phone calls. I found the trial very helpful since I don't usually wear makeup and was afraid I'd have too much makeup on on my wedding day. Yan responded to all of my requests and took notes of my feedback from the trial. On my wedding day, Yan created a natural, elegant and long lasting makeup that made me look and feel beautiful. I would highly recommend Yan!"

- Stephanie Cheng, Bride

"Yan is a truly amazing makeup artist. She did my wedding makeup and hair as well as my fiance's mom and my mom. All of us received so many compliments from our guests. I was so happy with the result. I looked so natural but enhanced by Yan's keen sense of aesthetics. She gave me the effortless romantic look which had fit perfectly for our low-key brunch wedding. She provided a very elegant look for both my mother-in-law and my mom. She was responsive to my style and vision that I wanted to achieve on my wedding day by spending time with me to look through some of the pictures that I had collected and photos of the work that she had done. Then she executed exactly as it should be on the day without a mistake. I highly recommend her. Having her as the makeup artist was one of the best choices that I had made on my wedding day!"

- SJ Cho, Bride

"Yan Jin was such a pleasure to work with! I did two hair trials and my morning/evening makeup look makeup trial with her before booking. During my first hair trial, I requested we try something different midway and she immediately stopped and changed my hair to what I wanted without a fuss, undoing all her work she did in the past half hour stating she prefers to do it right the first time rather than going back to fix it. She was very meticulous with her work, curling every strand of my hair and applying hair spray on it to make sure my forever straight hair stays curly no matter rain or shine. When she did my makeup she also lets me know exactly what she will be doing and why I need it, and the things she pointed out were bang on with how I felt about my features my entire life. On the day of, she was on time both in the morning (5am sharp!) and for the return touch up. She was very accommodating with my schedule (I made many changes to the starting times and she did not even bat an eye). Looking at her work I can see she is truly passionate about her job in making me a beautiful bride and I can't thank her enough for her effort and fantastic skills. I will definitely be recommending Yan to anyone who asks me for a makeup artist!"

- Winnie Wong, Bride

"Yan is an amazingly talented makeup artist. She is professional and super fun to work with. On my wedding day, she created a natural, elegant and long lasting bridal makeup that got me a great number of compliments. I also found the trial session helpful. She was patient and skillful in responding to all my requests. She also provided useful beauty tips that helped me achieve the look and improved my skin condition for the wedding day. I would highly recommend Yan! You can never go wrong with her."

- Yvonne Bai, Bride

"Yan and her team were wonderful from start to finish. From my trial to the actual wedding, Yan was kind, responsive, attentive and incredibly professional. I also had Yan do my bridesmaids' hair and make-up which were also amazing. On the wedding day, not only did Yan do a fantastic job as our hair and make-up artist, she also went above and beyond to ensure I had a terrific experience overall. I highly recommend Yan to anyone looking for a professional hair and make-up services."

- Cindy Li, Bride

"Yan has been very friendly, professional, and accomodating, not to mention her fabulous skills with makeup and hair. She takes into consideration not only your overall beauty qualities but makes decisions based on your hair and skin condition that day and the weather. I got many many compliments on my hair and makeup, and they lasted all day in the sun and sweat. Highly recommended if you would like a thorough, flexible makeup/hair artist who has foresight!"

- Julie Cho, Bride

"Yan was very professional. Arrived on time with a team of people to do the whole bridal party's makeup. She performed some extra services without charge because I had not organized my days before the wedding very well, including shaping and painting my nails, and fixing my eyebrows. She is sociable and it was not awkward, which is important since she was spending 3 hours with us. Overall a very pleasant experience, my wedding day turned out perfect! Thanks again!"

- Sophia Zhou, Bride

"Yan was absolutely amazing. From the first phone call I had with her I could tell she completely understood what I was looking for. I ended up using her not only for the wedding but also for my engagement photos and bridal shower! Her team is very professional and arrived early on the day of the wedding and everyone looked beautiful once they were done. I loved that Yan was able to give me such a natural look for my wedding day I am so happy I had the chance to work with her as she is such a lovely person and super talented at the same time. I will definitely be calling her up every time I need my hair/makeup done for any special events in the future - she is the best!"

- Jane Lian, Bride

"I was very lucky to have found Yan to do my hair and makeup on my wedding day. Not only is she talented, she has a friendly and wonderful personality. She was very patient and flexible throughout my many schedule changes for my trial. She always gets back to you promptly if you ever have any questions. Don't hesitate to do the trial, ladies! It will allow you and Yan to fine tune your look so that you will look fabulous on your wedding day! Thank you, Yan for all of your hard work and patience. :)"

- Cassidy Thai, Bride

"Having Yan as your hair and makeup artist is like having your best friend do your hair and makeup. I had an amazing experience with Yan, she was very accommodating and always answered my questions with a smile and lots of laughs. I wanted my make-up to look natural, so I still looked like me. Everyone complemented on how my makeup look, it stayed put even after tearing up post ceremony. My hair also stayed in place, even after a salsa number. You will not regret having Yan at your service. Thank you Yan for the laughs, tips and making me look like so beautiful on my wedding day."

- Wendy Shen, Bride

"Yan and her team were absolutely fabulous! From my first correspondence with her to my trial through to the wedding she was kind, attentive and incredibly professional. My bridesmaids were so pleased with their hair and makeup as it was very important to them to have a natural look that lasted all day, and my bridal hair and makeup was flawless! Thank you Yan for that amazing work- I would without a doubt recommend you and your team for any bride looking for professional hair and makeup services!"

- Sydney Hamilton, Bride

"Yan was very pleasant, professional and nice to work with. It was a joy to have her and her team on-board during the wedding morning preparations. Her make-up lasted the whole day and night, and looked perfect in photos. I would highly recommend her services!"

- Lisa Wray, Bride

"I study my face, wear makeup everyday and was truly convinced that no one can do my wedding makeup better than me. From our first meeting (at trial) Yan was very patient and worked with me to fine tune the look I wanted. She has a radiating passion for what she does. Yan did an amazing job for me and my wedding party on the wedding day. I was still getting complements at midnight on my makeup, it was flawless till the end -- through a full day of setup, running around, heat, photos, food and dance. No touchup required. I highly recommend her. Go for the trial, you'll be much more relaxed and excited come wedding day."

- Carrie Chan, Bride

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