We all have our own unique colour palette that defines the colours best compliment our skin tones, but not many people knows what these colours are. In fact, in my years as a professional makeup artist, I have found that most people incorrectly assume they look good in the colours they like.

The secret to looking effortlessly beautiful lies in choosing the right colours, as it can either make you glow and stand out, or look dim and unattractive!

Colour is science and it is a powerful tool that can refine your image.

As a certified image consultant and colour specialist, I am here to help you find your personal colour palette:

Here is a CBC article where I was interviewed about colour analysis: Personal colour analysis is making a comeback - and it's getting more inclusive

I have also worked with Holt Renfrew, Sisley-Paris, and Sukoshi Mart and helped their customers find their colours.

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Below are videos explaining some of the basic colour concepts.

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